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Columbus Small Biz Hub

Columbus is known for a strong entrepreneur community where small businesses can thrive. The Columbus Small Biz Hub aims to support that. Browse through resources, support organizations, jobs and other opportunities to grow your business:

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Creating Central Ohio Futures


Creating Central Ohio Futures (CCOHF) is creating a clear pathway to the middle class for working people in Central Ohio, including those who for too long have worked in low wage jobs or couldn't get a good job despite their best efforts. From helping develop soft skills and practical training to working closely with graduates when it comes to job placement, we aim to provide residents with opportunities for good wages, high quality benefits, safe working conditions, and the ability to retire with dignity. That is what makes working people, their diverse neighborhoods, and American cities, strong.

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Cova Cowork


Cova Cowork provides a productive work environment via memberships and brings the community together through engaging and socially-driven events.

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Fortuity is a large-scale social employer whose mission is to reduce poverty by hiring, retaining and advancing the careers of hundreds of employees living in low-opportunity neighborhoods. Fortuity provides high quality contact center services for corporate clients using best of breed technologies. We are easy to get to - located in the heart of Franklinton right on the Broad Street bus line. Check out our website at for a list of open positions.

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Columbus Works


Columbus Works provides workforce training and job placement assistance, along with complete wrap around support services. Participants are Members, and Members are members for life. Included in services in long-term coaching as each Member has a Coach with whom they work even after gaining employment. Columbus Works also provides wrap around support, such as resources for legal assistance, clothing for work, free medical, dental & vision care, and additional career training. At Columbus Works our goal is your goal - to gain economic freedom through full-time employment with great Columbus companies at competitive wages with full benefits.

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Solutions Staffing


Solutions Staffing is an employment agency with a location at 3770 W Broad #10 Columbus, OH 43228.

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Minute Men Staffing Services


Minute Men Staffing Columbus West provides short-term, long-term and permanent staffing services for Columbus's south and west side, and Central Ohio, including Grove City, Groveport, and Hilltop.

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Hilltop RISE Economic CDC


At Hilltop RISE Economic CDC, our mission is to facilitate mindful economic growth and development on The Hilltop. We�re committed to supporting new and existing businesses, property owners, and the community by connecting them to vital resources, opportunities, and educational tools. What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to building strong and resilient communities through purposeful economic growth and development.

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Reliable Staffing Resources


Reliable Staffing Resources is a family owned Company in Central Ohio that began in 2007. Our trained staff has provided individuals with employment throughout the Greater Columbus area for over a decade; meanwhile delivering superior labor to our Customers on a timely and Cost-Efficient basis. Our business was formed by a strong-loving family and we set our priorities on promising the same family type values not only to our Customers, but also to the hard working individuals we employ.

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PeopleReady Employment Agency


PeopleReady in Columbus, OH, is part of a national branch network of over 640 locations across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Our branch staffing specialists located at 2976 W. Broad St. are trained to know exactly what work is in demand and available at the local level. Drop by our Columbus branch and let us help you find work today.

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Staff Now - Staffing Agency Columbus Ohio


Staff Now is your premier staffing agency in Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in connecting businesses with right talent and helping job seekers find their ideal position. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing top-notch staffing solutions, from temporary and permanent placements to tailored workforce management near you in Columbus, Ohio.

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Lyneer Staffing Solutions


Lyneer Staffing Solutions is an employment agency with a location at 4109 W Broad St, Columbus, OH 43228.

Business & Workforce Development

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